Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Breakfast Biscuits

When I first saw breakfast biscuits advertised I thought the idea was a little strange. Ok, so I’ve been known to grab a couple of rich tea or digestive biscuits with a coffee on days when I just can’t face a ‘proper” breakfast, but a biscuit actually designed for the job, could that be healthy?

Whenever I can, I try to have a bowl of cereal or slice of toast for breakfast, with maybe some eggs or a croissant at weekends, but when I have to make a really early start I can’t always face a full meal.

So one day I caved in and bought some breakfast biscuits.

The first ones that I tried were Belvita Breakfast Crunchy Oats, which are apparently 68% cereal. These were OK but lacked something for me and are actually quite pricey (when not buying them half price, which surprise, surprise is what I did).

Another day, another offer, and I tried Belvita Breakfast Yogurt Crunch with live yogurt and honey. I much preferred these sandwich-style biscuits with a honey taste, but still consider them far too expensive when not on offer. They apparently contain 115 calories per biscuit (they come in sealed packs of two), 4.4g fat and 6.6g of sugar, whilst the average digestive contains 71 calories, has 3.2g fat and 2.6g of sugar, and is kinder to my purse. 

Looks like I might as well stick to plan A then – a couple of digestives when I can’t face breakfast!

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