Friday, 14 September 2012

What is Shopper’s Joy?

A blog about the joys of shopping? In part, yes, but also about the not so joyous moments.

A pleasurable experience for shoppers? Well, that too, it certainly might help you bag a few bargains or know where customers are treated well.

Or is it a blog by someone called Joy ranting on about shopping? That could be one way of putting it. I am called Joy, I do shop (for necessity and pleasure) and I do like a good rant – but don’t we all given the chance.

My opinions and their strength have increased along with my years, and there are certainly a fair few of those. I’m a seasoned bargain-hunter, stickler for good service and a would-be champion for the consumer. I aim to highlight the good and bad of shopping, the great deals (or rip-offs), the friendly service (or not) and the experiences I’ve had, along with a few random thoughts that you may identify with.

So shoppers everywhere take note, the pleasures and pitfalls of shopping will be here for all to see!

Happy shopping!

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