Saturday, 15 September 2012

More Haste, Less Sense K&Co

Well done to K&Co for a speedy response to my email this week. It’s just a shame that the reply was so wrong!

It appears that in her zeal to reply promptly, the adviser obviously read all the right words in my email, but not necessarily in the right order.

As I result, I have just received a second copy of their Winter catalogue, but have yet to set eyes on the Autumn/Winter edition. I have bravely sent another email, with the hope of a correct response, but will I just receive my third Winter catalogue? Things do so often come in threes.

While on the subject of K&Co (or Kays catalogue as they were when I first started shopping with them), they now seem to operate a weird rewards (formerly commission) system. There are different levels of reward, which only seem to be applied on certain purchases (i.e. not sale goods, discounted goods, goods from certain supplements, goods they don’t fancy giving it on…). Bring back the old system of 10% cash or 12.5% goods on all items ordered, pretty please!

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