Friday, 14 September 2012

Managers – Good and Bad

The Bad…

This week I’ve really got the hump with a local branch of Greggs. It started with a roll and a bowl of soup and is yet to reach its conclusion.

Ordering the lunchtime soup and roll, I was told that butter was charged as extra. I pointed out that it had always been included when I had bought it before, but the lady serving me argued the point, whilst serving lukewarm soup with a strong resemblance to dishwater. I decided to complain further and was stunned to be told that the person serving me was in fact the manager!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I returned the food, got a refund (which the manager seemed to want to give me like a shot rather than remedy the situation) and went home where I composed a letter to Greggs’ regional office.

The ‘Guardian of the Butter” insisted it’s Greggs’ policy to serve scones inclusive of butter, but to charge extra when served with a roll. Ridiculous. It’s as daft as saying milk is included with coffee, but charged as an extra with tea! (Don’t go getting ideas Greggs).

I am awaiting Greggs’ response, so watch this space.

The Good…

Morrisons’ management on the other hand is in my good books this week.

Following a queuing issue in the local Morrison’s restaurant (I don’t really spend all my time lunching out, honestly) I met a manager who actually manages.

For some strange reason, the day I visited, the lady at the hot food order point decided to ban customers who only wanted a cold lunch from bypassing the hot food point, as is usual practice, demanding a single queue was formed. I could easily have nipped in, chosen a sandwich and proceeded to pay before the hot foodies had finished pondering the difficult choice between beans and peas.

The appearance of the so-called ‘restaurant manager’ (looked about 14 and better suited to school uniform) mumbling about policy (my new most-hated word) did nothing to ease the situation.

Luckily a quick call from a lovely girl on customer service resulted in the appearance of an enthusiastic store manager, who assured me that the single queuing system was not Morrisons’ policy and normal service would be resumed. He left me striding away like a man on a mission to restore order.

So Managers Take Note…

Poor people skills by the manager of Greggs = chance of returning to said branch = 0

A manager at Morrisons demonstrating he valued my custom and opinion = I have already returned! What’s more I didn’t have to queue with the hot food devotees.

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